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Respiratory & Safety

Spray Foam Insulation Respiratory & Safety Supplies

Supplied Air Masks, Hoses & Systems | Eyewash Stations | First Aid Kits | Spray Suits | Lens Covers

Spray Poly Parts offers a large selection of respiratory equipment, safety supplies and accessories for your spray foam and coatings needs to help keep you safe on the job. We have Single Man and 2-Man Supplied Air Respirator Systems with Full-face Masks and Tyvek Hoods, Spray Suits, Eyewash Stations and more.

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    Double Eyewash Wall Station

    Double Eyewash Wall Station Provide immediate flushing of the eyeuntil the injured person can be helped to a primary emergency eyewash device. Highly visible and readily available for emergency flushing and decontamination.

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  • 10 Person Construction First Aid Kit

    10 Person Construction First Aid Kit This 10 Person Construction First Aid Kit provides a wide variety of first aid items to meet the requirements of most injuries encountered in a construction environment. This kit iseconomical, waterproof and made of...

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  • Cool-Bucket Personal Air Cooler

    Cool-Bucket Personal Air Cooler Features New - insulated bucket to cool air for supplied air respirator or personal cooling garment. Connect to air turbine unit with included connector hose, fill with ice and water, and the air temperature coming out of...

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